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Bead Love
The love of beads began in ancient times. Long ago the peoples of Egypt, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas wore beads as jewelry and clothing adornments. They were believed to have supernatural powers of healing and protection, and were commonly used in the place of money.

Beads of Old Traded Far and Wide
Throughout time beads have been widely used in trade for precious commodities and valuables. Hundreds and even thousands of years ago beads were painstakingly manufactured for the world trade in Venice, Bohemia, China, Europe, Africa, India, the Middle East, the Americas, and many other far away places. Some beads in certain parts of the world were more precious than gold, sometimes actually traded for gold. Because of this trading, many beads have virtually traveled around the world, and are still in circulation to this day.

The Old & The New Come Together
In modern times some of the earth's finest bead makers work in the Czech Republic, Europe, China, Japan, India, Mexico, Thailand, the Middle East and Africa. Their artistry draws from the past and is an inspiration to all who appreciate them. Beads are still made of the same basic bone, metal, stone, clay, glass, and seashell materials. The beads made in our time can still be found to travel to many far away places on the planet similar to the beads of ancient times. They are bought, sold, and traded for (and as) special goods or money. It’s no wonder that the enjoyment they bring to many is so great! Here at Dixon’s Trade Bead we bring to you our select pickings of “the old and the new” world trade beads.

Happy Beading!! ~Susan and Rich Dixon

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